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    Yingzhi A3 Soft board Yingzhi A3 Soft board Soft Plate Jewelry Jewelry Photography Spotlight Reflective Screen Photography Props Foldable Studio Soft https://vod-icbu.alicdn.com/4f4e1c368ac918af/134da4b561c01bdc/20230523_329f39f6c7bfc849_411493706521_mp4_264_hd_unlimit_taobao.mp4

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    Yingzhi Medium Size Cone Yingzhi Medium Size Cone is with a design for easy use with any lighting from studio lights to speed lights but works perfectly well under natural light or even a desk lamp. Single package size:: 20X18X5 cm Single gross weight: 0.150 kg Key Features 360 DIFFUSION REMOVES […]